Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Costume College - Saturday - Daytime

Saturday at Costume College has a bit of a different feel, at least to me.  Most people are looking ahead to the big show of the Gala that night, and not a few run around in mundanes and/or curlers and/or simple costumes, saving effort and energy for the evening.  For example, these two gals, looking marvelously vintage and accidentally color-coordinated.

On the left is Stephanie, in the Wearing History Pattern "Chic Ahoy" - adorable!

One of the things I've always loved about Costume College, years before I ever considered going myself, is the online planning, with lots of discussions and eye candy.  This year, an idea by Loren of The Costumer's Closet was for Roman loungewear, inspired by shows like "Rome" and "Spartacus."  I'm not a fan of the shows, but film-inspired Roman sounded really fun! Particularly since the Costume College theme was classic Hollywood.  So I went for Technicolor Roman: brightly-colored, meticulously made up, and supported by classic 1950s foundations, as inspired by films like Ben-Hur, The Robe, and the original Spartacus.

Jeanne Simmons and Richard Burton, The Robe

Jeanne Simmons, The Robe

Jeanne Simmons and Lawrence Olivier, Spartacus

My Technicolor Roman actually debuted at Costumers' Lost Weekend, at the Time-Traveling Brunch.

I love how the sun lights up the satin right through the chiffon! (Photo courtesy Jennifer Thompson)

Photo courtesy Jennifer Thompson

I made a few changes for Costume College, including the hairstyle. I used my new hairpiece, anchoring it up higher, and changing the ornamentation a bit; and I curled my bangs, which ironically ended up looking more truly Roman than 1950s. :D I also switched shoulders on the chiffon over-robe, and figured out it both looked awesome and stayed out of my way when I carried it over one arm.  Technicolor Roman beauties don't trip on their own robes!

So far, I've only found one picture. Sadness! I like it, though.

Photo courtesy Noelle Paduan "Lbc42"

 While a Technicolor Roman I assisted in Jennifer Rosbrugh's Dressing the Silhouette class. It was pretty funny to be up there with those ladies all nicely dressed in their 19th and 20th century pretties, and me in my gaudy synthetic metallic draperies! It was fun.

I also went to Angela Burnley's class on the fabric swatches from London's foundling hospital. AMAZING!! The variety of prints is incredible. Also eye-opening was the very few solid colors of linen: blue, blue, and more blue, with some brown and some gold. Wow.  I also got the Threads of Feeling book, sold at Burnley & Trowbridge.

Then it was back to our rooms to prepare for the evening. More to come!


  1. I thought your Roman outfit was particularly awesome! I just loved how glamorous you looked.

    1. Aww, thank you! I barely ran into anyone that day, but your pictures are amazing. :D