Friday, September 28, 2012

Costume College - Saturday - Gala

Gala time!

Getting dressed was a breeze compared to last year. We missed the red carpet arrival entirely!  This year, I had a few tricky moments with safety pins, but on the whole my outfit went together easily.

Lauren and her husband ready to ago, with Perry the Platypus, who alas! did not make a red carpet appearance.

In tribute to the Golden Age of Hollywood, I went as Maid Marian, as played by Olivia de Haviland in the 1938 Robin Hood.  (With Errol Flynn, in Technicolor!)

Original film still

On the red carpet (photo courtesy Arandale)

I love this costume. Love it!  It took so much work to make, but the pieces really came together. It's amazing to wear.

I think we turned out pretty good! (One of the husbands was being silly behind the camera, and  can't control my face. :D) (Photo courtesy Beth)

Stephanie in blinged-out 1950s.

R. in silk charmeuse, copied from the 1930s Hitchcock Secret Agent.

Beth in Regency and husband in vintage formal wear. (Photo courtesy Arandale.)

Lauren's gold 1930s, complete with squined and (fake) furred cape. (Photo courtesy Beth.)

I had a lot of assistance replicating... (Photo courtesy Jitteringbug)

... this original continuity still.

Did it turn out all right?
We stayed for the entire Red Carpet arrival, then walked across the street to dinner at P. F. Chang's, which was new to me and YUM. Incidentally we (I?) made the night of two wee little girls who never said a word, but just hovered and grinned, and shyly showed me their sparkly shoes!

Beth took no risks with her gorgeous dress.

Afterward we watched the Gala dancing.

Lauren and Beth and their husbands danced to several songs. Ever seen the Balboa danced in a Regency gown before?

Two fabulous golden ladies (Lauren and Katherine) and their cameras.

The awesome and delightful Megan in her fully accessorized cross-barred silk francaise.
 Shortly after I took the above picture, Megan announced that the evening was to the point where she usually took her dress off.  "!!!" was my initial reaction. Aubry did not hear, so I sneakily got my camera ready.

Megan starts taking out pins and Aubry figures it out.

Dress coming off!

Back to the dance! (That wasn't so bad!)

I didn't stay for the end of the dance; we went back to our rooms, but not to bed right away.  We stayed up way too late talking and unwinding. It was a great night!


  1. OMG! Your dress turned out SOOOOO good! This is seriously one of hte best movie recreations that I've ever seen. Bravo!

    1. Oops! This was actually from me. I didn't realize one of my students was logged in to Google on my computer. LOL!

    2. Haha, that's so funny! :D And thank you!

  2. PLEASE tell me we get to know more about the Maid Marian dress? Pleeeeeaaaase?

    1. You bet you will! I wanted to get through the After Action Report, so to speak, and then do "making of" for several things.

    2. Yaaaay! \o/ I'm really enjoying your recap, btw. :D

  3. I loved your Marion dress! It was so perfect and you looked so regal in it.

    Haha! I was scandalized by Megan's behavior. I can't believe I'm friends with her. ;P

  4. WOW! Your Marion dress is amazing! And I love the gold dresses, soooo pretty. One of these days I hope to make it to Costume College. It seems like so many bloggers go and it would be great to meet people in person!