Friday, February 28, 2014

I live! (And the Nankeen boot is now available!)

Just way too busy to post much, alas. I have big plans for this year, including a number of late 1700s items, my first foray into the 1910s, and a beaded 1920s robe de style.  Currently I'm hand-sewing some 1780s stays. They're white/off white wool on the outside, stitched in blue. Very pretty! And very much needed before I can continue with the rest of my plans.

Right now, though, I'm eying the new American Duchess boots, the "Nankeen."  These are cloth boots, very commonly worn from 1800-1820. I've been longing for cloth boots so I can be just like the heroines of Georgette Heyer's books - they're all well-equipped with "jean" boots!  

I particularly like the slimmer ankle on these, compared even to the Hartfield, the American Duchess leather Regency boots.

A famous pair of surviving original boots is trimmed with ribbon on the seams, and cute little bows. 

Source: Museum of London. Dated 1815.

Nankeen is a yellowish/tan cotton material from China, from which these common type of boots were made. I'm very excited to see this addition to reproduction footwear.


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