Thursday, August 16, 2012

Costume College - Wednesday and Thursday

 Backing up a little bit...

Wednesday was spent entirely on last minute sewing and trimming. Unlike last year, Lauren M. and I had determined NOT to do last-minute stressful sewing. So much for good intentions!  But we actually held to the spirit of our commitment, since neither one of us were stressed (unlike last year) and neither one of us had to sew at Costume College itself (again unlike last year).

So we talked and watched movies and compared opinions and dodged cats and watched our last-to-be-completed outfits take shape.

Mr. Charles approves of the Maid Marian dress.

The best movie for marathon sewing days.
Cat trap!

So Thursday morning we picked up Stephanie, The Girl with the Star-Spangled Heart, at the airport and headed straight to the garment district.  After several crazy hours, we left in good time to make it out of downtown Los Angeles and get to the hotel for registration. Apparently we arrived in the "sweet spot" between the beginning rush and the remaining bulk of attendees, since we had no wait in line and one of our rooms had a refrigerator. GREAT!  After taking all our stuff up, and Lauren M. checking her laptop with the A/V gear for compatibility, we found a grocery store and loaded up on breakfast and lunch items. Best way to save on time and money during Costume College. ;) Then we go dinner and headed back to the hotel for the Carmen Miranda pool party.

By the time we arrived apparently some people had left, and it was rather dark and not really at the pool - but it was still fun to see people.  Lauren (of Wearing History)  and Beth of V for Vintage took the theme and ran with it. Beth was amazing in full be-ruffled and be-fruited Carmen Miranda splendor - complete with banana'd turban! - and Lauren was amazing in white, fringe, and gold butterflies.  By contrast, Stephanie and I were country cousins in sports 40s halter bathing and play suits, respectively.

Beth. Photo by Lady Carolyn.
Lauren. Photo by Claudia La Rue.
Stephanie (right) and me (left). Photo by Val of Time Traveling in Costume.

I wish I had a better picture of my outfit, but I wasn't fully with it yet. :) The outfit started with the original 1940s chenille bathing cape. Lauren sent me an Etsy link probably 9 months ago and I couldn't resist. She's such an enabler!  It's hard to see, but there are red sailboats with blue sails all around the hem of the cape. It's darling.

For the rest of the outfit, I bought a white canvas/duck halter off Ebay, then found royal blue denim at Joann. I used an out of print Wearing History underthings pattern as a base for a bathing suit skirt, and added bands of blue denim to the halter.  I accessorized with a plastic bead necklace and earrings, a red (and totally invisible) crocheted snood, 1940s telephone cord purse, and Diet Pepsi. ;)

When we got tired we went back to our rooms, where we slowly got ready for bed and chatted way too late into the evening.


  1. You and Stephanie looked adorable at the pool party - I LOVE chenille bathing capes! I jus wore a ratty old Halloween costume. :)

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