Monday, April 15, 2013

My Turn - the Highbury Shoes!

I get to promote some American Duchess shoes: the Highbury Regency flat!

These are far and away my favorite American Duchess so far.  That mostly because I'm not heavily into the bulk of 1770s costuming, and so far I haven't really done anything after 1865.

I like the Highbury slippers because they have the pointed toe, fairly high vamp, and low heel that's characteristic of shoes from c. 1795-1810.


In addition, they have tiny little loops inside that can be used to lace a ribbon through. You can use all of the loops, as in the model picture, or use fewer loops for a different look.

Costume Parisien, c. 1798


Right now, I'm dreaming about a pair dyed a nice, bright yellow.


I think I'd also trim them with white ribbon at the seams and around the front of the vamp, and add a strip of white leather to imitate this common look at the heel.


I can't wait!

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